New PSC Contract Roundtable w/ David Harvey & Frances Fox-Piven

The Political Theory Workshop and GC Strike Committee present:

“Austerity Contracts and NYC’s Right to Education”
A Roundtable on PSC-CUNY Negotiations


  • David Harvey
  • Frances Fox Piven
  • Jamila Hammami ($7K or Strike)
  • Sarah Gafur (Free CUNY)

With the vote for the new PSC-CUNY contract underway, we invite you to join us for a roundtable discussion featuring David Harvey, Frances Fox Piven and Jamila Hammami ($7K or Strike) and Sarah Gafur (Free CUNY) to discuss the ongoing contract vote and plans for future anti-austerity struggle across CUNY campuses.

The new contract has come under criticism for its failure to address the needs of adjunct faculty. Their living-wage demand for $7,000 per course as the minimum starting salary was abandoned at the bargaining table. Current adjunct pay for most part-timers is $3,200 per course, a poverty wage in NYC. The tentative agreement achieved only $5,500 per course starting in 2022, the last year of the contract. The raise was paid for by eliminating step increases for adjuncts and forfeiting 10 months of retroactive raises from all job titles, further dismaying faculty and staff in the union. In this roundtable we will emphasize the urgency of voting down the proposed contract and next steps for organizing afterwards.

No matter your position on the contract, the conversation and the movement would be enriched by your presence; please come! If you are a voting member of the PSC, you should’ve already gotten something in your email or physical mailbox by now with your ballot. We encourage you to come to the roundtable next Tuesday before you cast your vote.

WHERE: Room C201-202
WHEN: Tuesday, Nov 19th at 6:30