Media Coverage (Video)

Degrees of Poverty: CUNY Adjuncts Fight for Fair Wages

by BRIC TV 12/19/18

“At CUNY, an adjunct’s salary is roughly 29-38% of what a full-time professor makes, though adjuncts teach the majority of classes. Meet the organizers leading the fight for fair wages.”

CUNY 7K or Strike

by Left Voice 12/11/18

The Fight for 7K at CUNY

by Left Voice 09/23/18

CUNY Adjuncts Demand 7K

by Left Voice 09/26/17

“Adjunct teachers at the City University of New York are demanding Governor Cuomo raise the pay to 7K per course.”

The Taylor Law: 5 Things You Need to Know

by Left Voice 01/07/19